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Information on Rowan Byrne & was initiated and built up over the last number of decades by owner and Dublin born Irish marine biologist Rowan Byrne. Rowan a well published photographer and scientist has spent the last number of decades traveling the world researching and working with many endangered marine species.  Rowan has worked in the Philippines, South Pacific, Australia, South Africa, Caribbean Islands especially beautiful Dominica and more.

Marine Biologist Rowan Byrne with a Giant Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) in Dominica Caribbean.

Over the last number of decades Rowan has collected a substantial library of stock photo images as part of his work and travel. Rowan is a regular contributor to TV, Radio and Print media and never shy to say a few words! Rowan is a keen educator and believes in engaging people and communities worldwide in encouraging them to take responsibility for our oceans. Rowan believes we all have a part to play in protecting this valuable life giving resource. The oceans are under threat even more than ever and its our responsibility for future generations and our legacy to protect, maintain and preserve them.

As the Blue Planet Legend David Attenborough says: “Surely we have a responsibility to care for our blue planet. The future of humanity, and indeed all life on Earth, now depends on us.”

See our Youtube channel on this link and in particular a PBS Documentary on Rowans sea turtle research in Dominica prior to his satellite telemetry work tracking Leatherbacks around the Caribbean.  The PBS Programme was filmed while Rowan was the Director of the The Rosalie Bay Sea Turtle Initiative (ROSTI) who were working to monitor and protect a variety of sea turtle species in the small Caribbean island of Dominica with Rowan at its helm. Rowan Byrne joins Patrick and Nancy to tell more about this incredible project and share an experience with an 800-pound nesting Leatherback. (CLICK ON LINK)

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